How to Put Good Advice to Use

How to Put Good Advice to Use

How to Improve Your Net Promoter Score

Jacqueline Reed

Your net promoter score (NPS) determines how customers interact with your brand. Promoters can help spread your reach even further, while your detractors can hurt the growth of your business. Here is how you can create a specialized approach to improve your net promoter score in all categories. 

Do In-Depth Market Research

It's often not enough to know whether people are happy or unhappy with your service; you also need to know how to improve. A deep market research survey can help you target the areas of your business that need the most work. Your market research should ask questions about the best and worst parts of your service, along with services that your customers wish you offered. An open-ended section of the survey is great for bringing out the complaints of your detractors; if customers are vocally unhappy with your product, you can collect their feedback through your surveys and use it to improve your product. 

Create a Consistent Brand

One way to turn more of your passive customers into promoters is to create a strong and consistent brand. Your customers will feel more proud to share your name with friends and family if you present a quality impression. When creating consistency with your brand, look for a recurring voice throughout your social media, online, and hard-copy marketing materials. You'll also want to look for a strong and consistent visual persona, including a steady visual style, fonts, and color schemes. 

Tell People How to Promote You

You can make your promoters even stronger by giving them specific ways to promote your business. Adding a simple call to action, such as asking followers to share your website or a specific post, can get even more people to promote your page. At the same time, you might want to give rewards to your promoters for helping you out. For instance, you could raffle off a prize to everyone who shares your page on social media.  

Get Net Promoter Consulting 

Creating a strong plan for increasing your NPS score takes some work; you need strong benchmarks to make sure that your strategies are working. If you need a comprehensive plan for improving your net promoter score, an NPS consulting firm is a great option. NPS firms have specialized knowledge for targeting your weaknesses and tracking your progress as you start to increase your net promoter score. Using NPS consulting, you can begin to target all three areas of promotion to increase your brand's reach. 


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