How to Put Good Advice to Use

How to Put Good Advice to Use

Floundering In The Sea Of Life? What A Strong Interest Inventory Can Do To Help

Jacqueline Reed

There are some people in this world that just know which direction to take with their lives. There are others who find their way eventually. Then there is the last group, like yourself, that feel totally lost and/or lacking any direction. If you have felt this way a long time but you are tired of floundering around in the sea of life, maybe you should meet with a special consultant, like one that offers a Strong Interest Inventory. This Q&A meeting will help determine all of the following, which you can help you take a new direction with your life.

What You Are REALLY Good at vs. What You Really Want to Do

If you have never taken a Strong Interest Inventory, it is kind of similar to answering several questions by a psychologist. You have someone help you poke around your brain and your personality to find out what you are really good at versus what you really want to do. Sometimes these two qualifiers overlap, and that is definitely something you want to look for. If you do not have any overlap (e.g., you want to spend hours reading but you excel at mathematical calculations), then your consultant who administers the Strong Interest Inventory will look for areas that touch or come very close together.

Your Personality Type

While the Strong Interest Inventory does not perform a personality test, it may suggest what types of careers would work best for certain personality types. Since your interests may also be fueled by various personal characteristics (e.g., you prefer to be with a large group of people and you love to work on puzzles and solve problems) you may find your nirvana working in any one career in a list of careers associated with a personality type. Sometimes a personality test is administered before or after a Strong Interest Inventory in order to better understand the results of the Strong Interest Inventory.

Your Ability to Get Along with Others

Your Strong Interest assessment reveals your interests and hobbies, those things you really enjoy doing that you could turn into a career if you wanted to. Your hobbies and interests also reveal something about how you get along with others. If you select a lot of hobbies and interests that isolate you and give you alone-time, you may not be the type of person that gets along easily with other people. Conversely, if many of your hobbies and interests are very social or involve interaction with at least one other person, you may do very well in careers that incorporate one of your special interests/hobbies and other people.


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How to Put Good Advice to Use

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